We’re Hiring!

Are you an amazing teacher, teacher’s aide, educational assistant, or another type of educator who is interested in what we do?

We are hiring tutors in the Ottawa area to work one-on-one with students who are struggling with reading and spelling.

We’re Hiring!

Are you an amazing teacherteacher’s aide, educational assistant, or another type of educator who is interested in what we do?

We are hiring tutors in the Ottawa area to work one-on-one with students who are struggling with reading and spelling.

What is The Open Door Educational Services?

The Open Door is all about helping families!  We offer a variety of services for students who are struggling, and have helped hundreds of students learn to read and spell by using specialized programming.  We have tutors located all over the greater Ottawa area, and are looking for some dedicated and caring educators to join our award-winning team.

Why Work At The Open Door

✔ Rewarding Work:
Working for The Open Door is such a rewarding experience. Our educators love how fulfilling it is to see their students, who have struggled so much, finally making those strides forward and gaining confidence in their ability to read and spell.

✔ Relationships:
The one-on-one setting also allows you to genuinely build a relationship with each of your students, which is another aspect of this work that our tutors really value. 

✔ Expand your skills:
Training, programming materials, and ongoing coaching are provided.

✔ Flexible hours with support:
Our educators appreciate being able to set their own hours and schedule as well as the ability to work autonomously, but also to have the ongoing support and guidance of our Open Door Team.  Many of our tutors work full-time in other education positions during the day, and then pick up some extra hours after-school working with The Open Door.

✔ Innovation:
We are always improving our technology and internal support systems.  Several of our tutors enjoy the added flexibility of doing online tutoring from the comfort of their own homes.


The Open Door is a great place to work, but it’s not for everyone.  Please be sure about the following requirements before agreeing to them.

  • I am able and willing to commit to a year or more.

The relationships that our tutors build with their students is one of the keys to the student’s success.  While we would prefer our tutors to be able to stay with our students for years, we do ask that you are able to commit to at least one year.

  • I am free to work with students at consistent times on most weekdays after-school and early evening.

These are the times that most families are looking for tutoring.  While we do have some students who tutor on weekends, before school, or even during the day, most students are in school during the day, and are often too tired or just need to go to bed by the time full evening comes.  This is why we only bring aboard tutors who are able to take on students in this time-frame.

  • I am comfortable working one-on-one with children who may have difficulties such as anxiety and ADHD.

We have a large demographic of students who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, confidence, or other behavioural difficulties.  We need innovative and patient tutors who have experience and are comfortable working with this population.

  • I am able and willing to work at least 6 hours per week.

Most students work with their tutors for at least two, one-hour sessions per week.  We need our tutors to take on at least 3 students (or six hours) to offset the costs of onboarding, providing materials, training, coaching, and supporting our tutors

  • I have a strong command of the English language and am able to speak English very clearly and precisely.

Our primary programming is extremely reliant on words and sounds being said very clearly and accurately.  Translating the exact and precise sounds they hear into print is the foundation of spelling, similarly,  assigning accurate and precise sounds to the letters they see is the foundation of reading.  Our tutors need to be able to catch and properly correct any mistakes that our students make in pronouncing or interpreting sounds.

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“As a new tutor, I feel so supported…”

“I wanted you to know that I am so grateful to work with such an amazing team. As a new tutor, I feel so supported navigating the unknowns and the learning curves that come along. The work itself is pretty great and the progress made by students is incredibly rewarding!!”
Jodie Lawlor
The Open Door
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