Our Dyslexia Screening Compared to a Psychoeducational Assessment


Our Dyslexia Screening:


✔ Will determine if you or your child fits the dyslexia profile, but will not provide a formal diagnosis.

✔ Will reveal which type of research-based tutoring is best to help you or your child remediate his/her reading.

✔ Will provide you with which accommodations your child will require while receiving reading intervention (accommodations which can be requested in both public and private school systems, but whether the school decides to follow the accommodations is their decision).

✔ Often will allow your child qualify for an IEP (Independent Education Plan) in the private school system, but the choice to accept the results is up to the school.

✔ Will help home-school parents know how to approach teaching their child.


However, this is not the right type of assessment for everyone. 

You should seek a full psycho-educational assessment by an educational psychologist if:


✔ You require testing to have you or your child receive a diagnosis of a learning disability.

✔ Your child is in the public school system and documentation is required for your child to qualify a student for an IEP (Independent Learning Plan).

✔ You require accommodations at work or university (this requires a formal diagnosis).

✔ You have completed an initial consultation with us and we have recommended you to a psychologist instead.

To Learn More

We always complete a free phone consultation before booking an appointment to ensure that a dyslexia screening is appropriate for you or your child.

If not, you will be recommended to seek a full psycho-educational assessment for yourself or for your child.

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