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Get to know Emily! Not only is she an amazing tutor, but she is also a key member of our admin team who fills the role of admin assistant.


Hi. I’m Heather Desjardins and we’re doing another edition of Meet Your Tutors! And here we have Emily!
Hi Emily.
Hello. Why don’t you tell us how long have you been working with The Open Door.
I’ve been with The Open Door for just over two years now.
And what’s your role?
I’m a tutor, mostly online, I do have some in-person students as well and I also am the administrative assistant.
Yes and very vital to the
organisation! So what’s your favorite thing about working for The Open Door?
By far my favorite thing is the relationships I have with my students. I love them all, they’re all great kids…they’re unique and there’s something
that we can connect together with, so it’s great! I feel proud of them when they are doing well, and you know, I hurt a little bit with them – when they’re
struggling – so I just love them.
Yeah, that’s definitely a very rewarding thing about working with The Open Door. What kind of things do you like to do to unwind?
Oh, well, in the evenings I like to play my ukulele. I am a terrible terrible ukulele player – I will not play in public for anyone except for my own family. But
I think it’s really fun and I like to learn new songs, and it just it’s
something fun for me to do.
Do you have a song that’s you feel particularly like you might have a handle on you like to play when you want to feel like you’re
good at the ukulele?
Well probably my favorite song to play is Moon River because it’s actually pretty tricky so I like to practice hard stuff. Maybe
someday I’ll put on a concert.
We’ll have an Open Door concert and invite everyone to come and watch dazzle us.
Do you sing along?
Yes of course!
Yes. So, if you are on a desert island and you could only bring one thing, I’m assuming it’s not your ukulele, what would be the one thing that you
Hmm…I think I would probably bring a book for entertainment purposes. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and I think that would be
the one thing that I bring. I can read that book over and over and never get tired of it.
Oh good because you would!
Alright, we’re going to do a little rapid-fire section here. I’m going to ask you some questions – don’t give it any thought – just give me your quick little one or two-word answers. All right we’ll
start easy. What’s your favorite color?
Favorite season? Hmm…fall.
What’s the furthest that you’ve traveled?
Hey good. Would you rather be able to fly
or to read minds?
Oh. fly.
I wouldn’t want to read some people’s minds!
Although it would make you a great tutor!
What’s something you hate, but you wish that you loved?
Oh I don’t know! Winter?
Yeah I actually can relate to that! And if you could turn into any animal which animal?
Oh a bird, I would say, no, let me be more specific, a bird of prey! I don’t want to be eaten.
One last question, can you share a little story with us, some really great moment you’ve had working one of your students?
Sure, they’re have been a few, but I remember that I was working with a student after not too long and he struggled pretty consistently, and the first time that he
was able to read one of the stories without making any errors at all, that felt pretty great! He was really proud of himself and I was really proud of him,
and we all got to have a little mini celebration about that.
That’s awesome!
Yeah it’s it’s such a nice moment isn’t it.
It’s really a big treat for everyone.
Right, you feel so good for them.
Yeah, yeah. It was great all right.
Well, that’s all that that I needed to ask you. Thanks so much for taking a little time to chat!
Thank you.

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