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Every other month you can find a new “Get to know our tutors” video right here on our blog. This month we get to know Jordyn Tremblay. Not only is she a great reading and spelling remediation tutor, she is also a learning strategist.


Hi I’m Heather Desjardins and we’re doing another “Get to Know Your Tutors”, and we have with us today Jordyn Tremblay!

Hi guys!

How are you doing?

I’m good.

That’s good. So, we’ll jump right in to our “Get to Know You” questions. So first of all, how long have you been working with The Open Door?

About three years now.

Yeah, and what was it that got you into the field of education?

So, I was asked by my resource teacher, back when I was in high school, to help some fellow students use assistive technology that I used for myself. And that was really my first experience teaching someone else, and I discovered I loved it, so I knew I wanted to get into the teaching field.

Well that makes sense! That’s good. So, in your “day job” you work as a learning strategist. Why don’t you tell us a bit more about that and the learning strategy packages that people can get through The Open Door.

At my day job I work with university students and I introduce them to learning strategies. At The Open Door I decided to take my knowledge that gained in the post-secondary education field to apply it to our students. So, the goal is for the first couple of sessions, is just learning different strategies, and then the final session is a final review and talking about how the student might be able to apply what we’ve learned to other aspects of, whether it be, education, or maybe even potential employment.

We have it mainly focused in terms of Time Management and Study Strategies.  So, Time Management could range from how to, say, set up an agenda in a way that makes sense, or Time Management could also be how do you organize your space. So how are you organizing your binders or your folders on your laptop?  Studying, on the other hand, might be, what’s a good way to set up the notes so that it’s really easy to review the information later.  And so that’s the basics of Learning Strategies.

Yes, definitely! When I was first reading through the list of all the great areas that students can work on, I was kind of mentally ticking a few off for myself too. I though, “hmm, procrastination strategies…yeah yeah.”

Sounds good!

And then of course, that’s in addition to you doing the tutoring as well, which is excellent.  So, what was it that first drew you to be interested in working for The Open Door?

I think it was about my second year of university, my mom and I attended the event where Susan Barton came to speak to Ottawa, and that was the first time I heard about The Open Door, and I thought, “oh this is great, because I’m dyslexic, and I was taught how to read with a similar program.” And I thought it was great that this exists in Ottawa.  And then fast-forward a couple of years in the future and I was looking around to see if I could get an additional part-time job in addition to my job at Carleton, and I noticed The Open Door was hiring, and I thought, you know what, it would be really cool because my time that I spent with my reading remediation tutor really helped me, and kind of, completely changed the whole world for me. So, I applied, and I’m here now!

Yeah! That’s excellent! I remember one of the things from when we had our initial interview, was just the fact that you could bring that experience, the personal experience, to the table for your students because you lived through that whole process.  Having the dyslexia diagnosed, and getting the right type of help, and seeing the difference that made. So, the fact that you can relate to the students on that level is really fantastic.

So, I’m going to ask you a couple of fun little questions. So, the first one I’ll ask is, what’s a little fun-fact about yourself that your students may not know?

I’d have to go with, that I’ve lived in seven different cities.

Ahh, I didn’t know that either!

I’m not actually from Ottawa, but moved around a couple places. My dad was part of the military, so.

OK, and seven different cities, are they all in Canada, or were they in other countries?

Canada and the US. So, was born in Winnipeg, moved to Darthmouth, Nova Scotia after that, then Denver, Colorado; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Victoria on Vancouver Island, which was gorgeous!

Oh yeah!

Came to Ottawa, and then there was the period of time where I worked in Toronto for a couple of months, so!

Alright! OK, so I’ve lived in one city!

That’s fair! Most people I’ve talked to have.

Yeah, so I love it when people have had the opportunity to live in different places.

So, another question, what is it that you like to do to unwind?

It would be a bit of a toss-up between reading or sewing. I like to sew, I like to quilt, I also do some hand-embroidery. All sorts of fabric-based crafts! Don’t ask me to do anything with paper though!

Alright, so now what I’m going to do is I’m just going to ask you a handful of some rapid-fire questions. Don’t hum and haw or think too much about the answers, just the first thing that pops in to your heard. Alright?


So, what’s your favourite day of the week?

I’m going to say Wednesday.

Wednesday? Humpday, alright!

If you had to choose sushi, tacos, or burgers, what would be your go-to?

Oh that’s…

Hard eh?

I love them so much, this is a hard question! I’m going to go with tacos.

Me too!

What’s the farthest you’ve traveled? Not just lived, but traveled?

That would be travelling to Paris for a school trip.

Ooh that’s a nice school trip!

Oh yes, it was a lot of fun!

I should have gone to your school! We didn’t go to Paris for our school trip, that’s for sure! I think we went downtown Ottawa.

Not a bad trip either.

Well, I’d still take Paris.

OK, here’s a strange one. If you joined the circus what would be your act?


Talent doesn’t matter, we can pretend you have whatever the talent is.

Ok. I feel like I’d probably do, like, I don’t know, some weird interpretive dance of some kind because every other thing I can think of for the circus I’m like, “um, a little too much for my comfort zone.” Don’t get me up on a tightrope!

Well I promise I won’t ask you to demonstrate one of your weird interpretive dances for us!

Thank you!

OK, and then the last question that I have is, is there any particular moment that really stands out for you as a really great moment that you had a teaching experience with one of your students.

I’d say this is really for all of them, I can’t think of one for an individual student. I’d say when I have that moment when I realize we’ve built up that, kind of, good level of rapport so we can kind of joke around during sessions, and I know what games they like to play, so I feel like that is the most special moment for me.

Yes, when that relationship is really starting to take hold with the student.


Oh, that’s great. And it does make such a big difference, not only in the terms of the comradery, but the trust, and the ability to read you student and to know when to shake things up, or to play a little game.  Yes, that’s good.

Well thanks so much for taking some time to chat and let people get to know you a little better, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

Yeah you too! Thank you.



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