When your child has a learning disability, you want to make the most of every chance to help your youngster prosper.  Rainy days don’t have to be written off as boring or unproductive.  Thanks to the Internet, you can capitalize on time indoors.  Turn rainy days into opportunities with well-chosen activities!

Hands-on math!  Providing experiential learning activities is one way to engage kids with learning disabilities in mathematics.  Hands-on exercises can

                                                                                Image courtesy of Pixabay

help a child follow sequences, enhance understanding, clarify concepts and build confidence.  What’s more, as HomeAdvisor explains, “Evidence shows that hands-on learning and real-world applications are more effective at engaging student interest in and recall of material.”

You can create hands-on math lessons in your own home.  Consider offering your child a scientific experiment by turning your kitchen into a laboratory!  For instance, make homemade puffy paint with basic ingredients, such as shaving cream, food coloring and glue.  Kids can practice measuring while reinforcing reading, math skills, following directions and how colors are mixed.

Another fun experiment is to make your own glass of lava from vegetable oil, salt and water.  Your youngster will get a kick out of watching “lava” float up and down in the glass!  Performing these experiments at home can help your child feel more comfortable with math- and science-focused schoolwork.  You can even step it up a notch and throw in some “mad scientist” laughter and magician’s words such as “Abracadabra!”  It’s a great way to keep education entertaining!

Creative encounters.  Participating in creative expression is another terrific rainy day activity for kids.  As some experts explain, the arts encourage decision-making and problem-solving.  Being creative also provides a unique outlet for self-expression, which can be particularly beneficial to children with learning disabilities who struggle with addressing emotional issues.

Music is one creative outlet for children.  You don’t need to be musically inclined to get your kids involved with music.  MakeUseOf reviewed websites that keep learning music easy, and thanks to the web kids can explore everything from music theory to playing instruments.

For children who prefer drawing and painting, one suggestion is to take online art lessons.  There are websites that teach basic skills, various media and concepts such as perspective and shading.

Another fun way to get creative with your kids is to take storytime to a new level.  Drama is shown to offer unique benefits to special needs kids, encouraging better social skills, teamwork, and fostering a sense of belonging.  Don’t let storytime become passive entertainment – encourage your children to act out the stories!  Create costumes and props together, and if you’re short on “actors” alternate roles.  There are many free storybooks available online.  What begins as a fun activity at home could blossom into an interest in community theater!

Energy and action.  All kids benefit from exercise, but for children with special needs there are extra perks.  As Kid Companions explains, exercise helps them develop their gross motor skills, coordination, balance, timing, ability to follow directions, body awareness, strength and endurance.  Kids who are physically active experience improved social lives and better mental and physical well-being.  You can encourage your youngster to get moving with some exercise or dance videos on YouTube.  It’s a great way to help hone those physical skills and burn off excess energy on a rainy day!

Remember to always look for exercises and dances that match your child’s ability level.  Research videos with activities and information your child can manage, and most of all, keep the experience fun!

Yay for rainy days!  Just because your child is stuck inside doesn’t mean the day can’t be exciting and productive.  Look for entertaining and educational pursuits.  A few well-chosen activities can turn a humdrum day into big fun and help your child bloom!

Jenny Wise is a homeschooling mom to four children. She created Special Home Educator as a forum for sharing her adventures in homeschooling and connecting with other homeschooling families.

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