Are your mornings hectic? Does anyone in your family have a learning disability? Do you have trouble getting everyone out of bed and ready for school and work? If the answer to any of these is yes, then these tips are for you. Here are ways to organize your mornings to get everyone up and going:

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1. Prep the night before and other tips on how to establish a morning routine for kids that actually works

It seems that the most common piece of advice parents receive is to prepare the night before, and for good reason — it helps tremendously. Imagine waking up in morning with lunches already packed, backpacks waiting at the door, clothes laid out, and your car keys waiting right where you’ll know they’ll be. You can use the extra time to take a longer shower, or rise early for a cup of coffee before the morning kicks into full gear. The bottom line is that anything you can do in advance will make a big difference.

2. Easy and effective home organization tips

If the word “scramble” is synonymous with your morning routine, it’s time to employ a little bit of organization. Sometimes we take comfort in a little bit of mess to give our homes that lived-in feel, but something as simple as organizing the children’s breakfast options on a single shelf can save some hassle in the morning. Perhaps you could put a bin by the door to house shoes, jackets, backpacks, and lunchboxes, or employ a DIY organization hack by using a hanging shoe organizer to lay out your kids’ outfits for the week.

3. De-stress your morning routine tips

A stress-free morning routine sounds heavenly, but how exactly can you accomplish this? Sometimes things just don’t go your way, and no matter how hard you try you can’t convince your youngest to brush her teeth. Pinpoint the areas that cause the most upset such as hygiene routines or getting out the door on time, and come up with a way to revamp it. Perhaps you could offer a reward for an entire week of teeth brushing without incident or set the clock forward 15 minutes to give yourself some wiggle room.

4. Breakfast to go and other secrets to getting the kids to school on time

After reading some of these morning hacks, you’ll realize that parents everywhere do whatever they have to do to make it before the school bell rings. As one parent notes, a quick spray of air freshener can take the place of a bath in a pinch. There’s no shame in your morning game, so do what works for you and be proud of it.

5. Get plenty of sleep and other tips on how to establish a morning routine for kids that actually works

With all this talk of establishing a morning routine, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to undermine it. While weekends should be special, don’t get too far away from the routine you’ve so painstakingly worked to cement. Rather than wreak havoc on the bedtime routine with late night fun, plan a fun meal, take a trip to the museum, or have a movie day. Bring on the fun without having to start from square one on Monday.

6. Play music (Revolutionary morning routine hack for kids)

Music makes the world go ‘round, and it applies to morning routines as well. There’s nothing like a few upbeat songs to get those feet moving. Start out with some calm, relaxing songs during the wake-up process and gradually switch over to something a little more upbeat. Let your kids pick out some of their favorite songs, and switch up the playlist every week to keep things fresh.

Studies show that routines can help kids with learning disabilities focus and feel more secure. This plan will help you and your kids have a more energetic, healthy start to each day. Enjoy!


Daniel Sherwin is the proud single father to two amazing kids (a daughter and a son). After noticing the lack of resources for single dads on the web, he started writing articles so that others could learn from his successes and failures.

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