Dr. Maggie Mamen, Psychologist: A Series of 4 Workshops

Understanding how a child’s learning profile with its various strengths and weaknesses affects life beyond school has important implications for parenting and family dynamics. This series of four workshops is designed to provide parents of children with LD with some useful insights, practical strategies, confidence and support. While the focus is on school-aged children, many of the issues are relevant for children of all ages.

All four session for $100.00 

or $30.00 for individual sessions

Session 1:  September 19, 2017

                    Behavioural Issues 

Session 2:  October 17, 2017 

                    Managing Anxiety 

Session 3:   November 7, 2017

                    Facing Homework Demons

Session 4:   November 28, 2017

                     Family Dynamics and Sibling Issues

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